Relax and it'll come easy

Hi I'm Ray. 20. Just eh...

I love my job, but lately I’m tired and sick of some of the people that work there. The hostess don’t know what they’re doing, they’ll seat the restaurant sections erratically. They won’t communicate with servers when it gets busy. They’ll stand in the front, play with their hair, draw on the computer, or look at their phone. They’ll double, triple, quadruple, and so on, they’ll seat you all your tables all simultaneously.

Like what they fuck?

Can you honestly believe the hostess think their only job is to stand in front of the door and look pretty? You’re also trained to control the door, which regulates the flow of business. They don’t understand.

I tried explaining this, but they responded with, “Well it’s not my fault you can’t handle two servers.” Wow like really?! THE BASIS OF YOUR JOB IS TO HELP US NOT MAKE IT SO FUCKING BUSY AT ONE FUCKING TIME.

I’ve already had enough with the hostess, about a month ago I told them how they sucked. They’re clueless as hell, one hostess even said,”You guys bitch so much, we give you tables. why are you guys all so mad?” So I told them,”Because you control the rhythm of the restaurant. And you guys fucking suck.”

Now it’s been maybe a month since then and I stopped talking to the hostess. I believe they’ve been purposely putting me with the worst servers every night.

Why purposely put me with one server for weeks and weeks? You’re basically going to get yourself in trouble.